Monday, November 16, 2009

Coming soon: the Pankratist

The development of the Warior Monk, and my thinking towards Ancient Greece as a setting for T&T gaming have combined to produce a new character type, the Pancratist. This is a character trained in the no-holds-barred combination of wrestling and boxing that began in Ancient Greece.

Pancratists are skilled unarmed fighters and so gain special bonuses and abilities when fighting without armour and weapons. They may be thought of as a Western version of the "Monk" so frequently found in fantasy gaming. Although a fun caracter to play the traditional Monk has always felt a bit out of place when grafted on to the traditional Fantasy Medieval Europe of most RPGs.

The Pancratist is my attempt to offer the same sorts of abilities, but with a mind set that is more in tune with Western than Eastern culture.

Look for details of this character type soon. As well as further thoughs and developments of Mythic Greece as a game setting.

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