Thursday, September 17, 2009

Athletes a new Specialist

I am in the process of writing up a campaign basedon Mythic Greece, Ray Harryhausen's classic "Jason and the Argonaughts", Sword&Sandal movies and TV, and of course T&T.

For that setting an adaptation of my Warrior Monk seems a good fit. The Greeks placed a high premium on athletics, wrestling, boxing, running, javelin throwing, etc. The Athlete will be a Specialist for characters of exceptional Strength. When fighting with out armour they will be able to box, using the rules I outlined below under kung fu fighting. They will also begin with a Talent for Wrestling. This will be a Level One Saving Roll on STR to grapple and hold, disarm, or throw an opponent in hand to hand combat. When an athlete chooses to grapple he is unable to contribute any dice to combat, so if a grappling attempt is unsuccessful the athlete will take their full share of the HPT rolled by their opponent, after deducting for armour or figting unarmoured as appropriate.

Athletes can wear any armour and use any weapon they choose, but they will not recieve the Warrior's bonuses, and will lose the Athletes bounuses for unarmed and unarmoured fighting. Brass knuckles and the like are not considered to be weapons for Athletes, they may therefor be combined with the unarmed fighting bonus.

Roman style Gladiators are better reflected by the Warrior type.

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