Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Magical Items

Here are a few magical items from the Mythic Greek project.

Shoon of Hermes: These magical sandals allow the wearer to cast Fly Me for no cost in WIZ.

Sword of Slicing: This short sword is effected by Vorpal Blade and Unerring Blade spells. It scores 3 dice x2 damage and always does at least 1 point of spite damage.

Cap of Darkness, also known as the Helm of Hades: This is an open faced helm forged of plain dark iron. While wearing the helm the wearer is automatically subject to the Nameless Visage spell, and can cast Concealing Cloak at will.

Black Root: This small plant with a black root and a white flower will cause any poison it comes into contact with to bubble and smoke.

Monster's Teeth: When the teeth of large and fearsome monsters like drgons, hydras, or great serpents are planted n the ground they will spring up fierce warriors who will fight for the planter.

Friday, November 20, 2009

And Now for Something Completely Different

I have discovered a game that is giving me serious pause in my Mythic Greece T&T project.
This is Mazes&Minotaurs the first published role playing game from 1972. Or so the website would have us believe.

M&M is a glorious pastiche of Old School RPGS. it is also a playable game in its own right. It has it'sown Yahoo group and quarterly e-zine. Best of all it is Free!

It is D&D as it might have been if inspired by Greek Myth and the Odyssey rather than Tolkien and Lankhmar.


Check it out and see what you think.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Pankratist: a new Character Type

New Character Type: Pankratist (Specialist Subtype)
The Greeks placed a high premium on athletics, wrestling, boxing, running, javelin throwing, etc. One of the esteemed forms of athleticism was the no-holds-barred combination of wrestling and boxing known as the Pankration. The Pankratist is a Specialist for characters of exceptional Constitution. A character rolling natural triples on CON with a final score of 15 or more can become a Pankratist. When fighting without armor they will be able to use the rules outlined below. They also have the skill of Pankration. This will be a Level One Saving Roll on STR or DEX to grapple and hold, disarm, or throw an opponent in hand to hand combat. When a Pankratist chooses to grapple he is unable to contribute any dice to combat, so if a grappling attempt is unsuccessful the Pankratist will take his full share of the HPT rolled by his opponent, after deducting for armor or fighting unarmored as appropriate.
Pankratists wearing no armor can deflect 1D6 points of damage per level, this does not apply to Spite Damage. Pankratists take spite damage normally. Unarmed Pankratists use their bodies as weapons. Standard unarmed combat damage is 1D6 +Personal Adds. Warriors get to add their level to their HPT. Pankratists use 1D6 per level + Adds + level to determine HPT in combat.
Pankratists can wear any armor and use any weapon they choose, but they will not receive the Warrior's bonuses, and will lose the Pamkratist's bonuses for unarmed and unarmored fighting. Brass knuckles and the like are considered to be boxing weapons for Pankratists, they may therefor be combined with the unarmed fighting bonus.

Coming soon: the Pankratist

The development of the Warior Monk, and my thinking towards Ancient Greece as a setting for T&T gaming have combined to produce a new character type, the Pancratist. This is a character trained in the no-holds-barred combination of wrestling and boxing that began in Ancient Greece.

Pancratists are skilled unarmed fighters and so gain special bonuses and abilities when fighting without armour and weapons. They may be thought of as a Western version of the "Monk" so frequently found in fantasy gaming. Although a fun caracter to play the traditional Monk has always felt a bit out of place when grafted on to the traditional Fantasy Medieval Europe of most RPGs.

The Pancratist is my attempt to offer the same sorts of abilities, but with a mind set that is more in tune with Western than Eastern culture.

Look for details of this character type soon. As well as further thoughs and developments of Mythic Greece as a game setting.