Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Magical Items

Here are a few magical items from the Mythic Greek project.

Shoon of Hermes: These magical sandals allow the wearer to cast Fly Me for no cost in WIZ.

Sword of Slicing: This short sword is effected by Vorpal Blade and Unerring Blade spells. It scores 3 dice x2 damage and always does at least 1 point of spite damage.

Cap of Darkness, also known as the Helm of Hades: This is an open faced helm forged of plain dark iron. While wearing the helm the wearer is automatically subject to the Nameless Visage spell, and can cast Concealing Cloak at will.

Black Root: This small plant with a black root and a white flower will cause any poison it comes into contact with to bubble and smoke.

Monster's Teeth: When the teeth of large and fearsome monsters like drgons, hydras, or great serpents are planted n the ground they will spring up fierce warriors who will fight for the planter.

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