Saturday, July 18, 2009

Now my daughter wants to play!

Last night my nine year old daughter decided she wanted to play T&T. She is a huge fantasy fan, read all the Harry Potter books, and some chunk of LotR so we're on good footing.

I took her through character generation last night and she now has a Level 2 Elf Wizard. With a very impressive 30-something in Adds (gotta love TARO and Elvish Luck). Interestingly she chose a talent in Healing based off her WIZ of 20(!)

She decided that her elf is from a group of elves who live in the jungle. So now I have an elven civilization living on treehouse platforms conected by rope bridges far up in the rainforest canopy. Hobbs live in house built between the buttress roots of the trees. (Emma insisted I play too, so I created a Hobb Rogue who is trader travelling between jungle tribes.)

Even though it was way past bedtime (for me as well as her) she wanted to keepon going last night.

Doing some quick world building, nothing like eager players to get the creative juices flowing, I have come up with the local sages. These are sloth people who live almost their entire lives upside down in the trees. Think humanoid sloths, some grow orchids or other plants in their fur, they are very slow moving and contemplative, a shaggy, mossy Yoda if you will.

The adventure, which I still have yet to create will be sparked by a request fromone of the sloth-sages. Perhaps an unknown danger threatens or a mysterious event has been heard of...

Lots of oversize jungle beasts will feature as monsters of course. Probably there will be dinosaurs and such living in the jungle, part of me is thinking of Skull Island from King Kong, part of the lost city of Opar. Rich possibilities.

Nicely for me she is still fresh to RPGs so she doesn't have a lot of tropes to unlearn. She is also as keen on the world building and story telling aspects as she is on "kill it and take its treasure". This means I can write non-combat oriented adventures and posts with a chance for them actually coming off.

Now what to do if her 5 1/2 year old little sister wants to play? Probably in that case I will break out their Faerie's Tale characters and play that instead. Nice to have something special just for big sister.

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