Saturday, July 18, 2009

Brave New World

As mentioned in the preceeding post I have a whole new world to create, or a new part of it anyway.

I will probably stick the jungle where the current game is set in some corner of my Dragon's Dream world. This is my slowly evolving T&T world. The basic premise is that the world is not actually real, it is in fact a dream being drempt by an ancient dragon. The most advanced metaphysical thinkers and explorers of the world are aware of this, but the general inhabitants are not. Who or what the Dragon is beyond being the Dreamer-of-the-World and what happens to the world when the Dragon wakes are not answered questions and by and large are not relevant to the game.

The most useful aspect of this conciept for a gaming world is that it gives me great creative freedom, magic can work, dungeons can be inhabited by all sorts of quarrelsome treasure hoarding monsters, innumerable species of sentient life (including some very evolutionarily improbable ones) can co-exist, and I can place what ever geographical features I feel like without being overly constrained by logic (or the laws of nature). This is a world which is self-awarely ficticious.

So we have now a jungle, inhabited at the very least by Hobbs, elves and Sloth-people. We also have an archepelago of small islands inhabited by marine iguana like lizardmen. The Aztec inspired urooks I mentioned in my World Building post seem a likely candidate for villains. The Centaurs I described are rather less likely to make an appearance (despite Emma's love of all things equine).

Dragons and Wyrms are a bit problematical. I really like them, and Nagas too, but when the world is the dreamof onesuch it poses an odd metaphysical/theological situation, and if I include dinosaurs in the immediate vicinity do I need dragons too?

Of course I probably will sucomb to the temptation to put some sort of crocodilian or serpentine intelligent menace in the swamps and rivers. Maybe that is where the Nagas will fit?

Now to see if I can find a good plot hook for inspiration....

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