Thursday, July 16, 2009

A great(?) honor is mine.

Today after being away from T&T and RPGs in general for too long I decided to swing by Outlaw Press. Lo and behold, my short story "Meeting With the Editor" is being published in Hobbit Hole #16.

For those of you who don't know, Hobbit Hole is one of two T&T fanzines published by Outlaw Press. The other is Dungeoneer's Digest. Both serve to showcase the talents of the T&T fandom community as well as providing lots of new gaming goodness.

Contributing to these publications will not bring you fame and fortune, nor will it make you irresistable to supermodels. I think I get a free contributor's copy. But I can now say that I am both a published fiction author and a published RPG designer (I had an article on new monsters published in DD).

These publications are largely labours of love, but if you have an adventure, a new monster, a spell, or other idea write it up and send it in. You too could join the proud ranks of T&T authors.

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