Friday, July 17, 2009

A new spell

Here is a brand new shiny T&T spell.

I Can See You Through the Key Hole (Peep Hole)
Second Level
WIZ Cost: 6
Range: Touch
Duration: 10 minutes (5 combat turns)
Power Up? Yes. Double duration for each level increase.
Description: Opens a magical "key hole" on the surface touched by the caster. This peep hole will penetrate one wall, door, tapestry or similar surface. It is visible from both sides and allows the passage of small objects (it is about the diameter of a pencil).

The spell does not provide a light source, the ability to see invisible objects or any other special powers, it simply opens a hole.

It should be noted that the spell will only penatrate one layer of "wall". Thus if it is cast on a wall that is in turn covered by a hanging tapestry it will create a hole through the wall, but will not produce a hole in the tapestry.

Spells like Cat's Eyes or Oh There It Is will function normally through the hole.
A version of this spell is taught by the Thieves' Guild.

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