Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Goblyns 'll getcha if you don't watch out

The goblins are one of the most physically diverse Kindreds of the Dragon's Dream. In form they are small humanoids, usually standing between knee and waist high on a man. Larger goblins, usually standing waist to shoulder high on a man are usually called hobgoblins. They may be thin and wizened or grotesquely obese and blubbery. Their skin varies from scabrous, furred, bristled, scaled, slimy, even feathered. Some goblins have tails, horns, claws, fangs, antlers, crests, wattles or other adornments.

Goblins are tricksters and pranksters with twisted and mean humor. They are also acquisitive thieves especially given to appropriating small, bright and shiny objects. They take great delight in the pain and suffering of others, but are themselves cowardly.

Goblins are magically gifted creatures. They lack the discipline and focus to become true Wizards, even if the Wizards' Guild would accept them. But frequently become accomplished Rogues. Many goblins know at least a handful of spells. These spells tend to include those useful for pranks and mischief. Direct combat spells such as "Take That You Fiend" are uncommon amongst goblin spell casters. Most goblins also have the ability to stretch and squeeze themselves through even tiny openings. If a mouse could squeeze through, then so can a goblin!

Goblins are fond of cleverness taking great delight in riddles, puzzles, intricate mechanical devices and the like. Although they are often scatterbrained and easily distracted, goblins are not stupid and many are quite clever. They are lacking in common sense and tend to get caught up in their own enthusiasms which often leads other Kindreds to view them as being stupid.

Goblin society is a vast pyramidal pecking order. The strong, clever or lucky bully or trick others to gain status. A lower status goblin can challenge a higher status goblin at any time, winner gets the higher status. The constant sorting of rank can be quite puzzling to outsiders as goblins constantly poke, bash and trick each other, even while conducting "serious" business.

The various goblin bands and towns present a widely varied character. Some are elaborate and baroque courts ruled over by a king and nobility. Others are small roving bands of warriors and bandits dressed in rags and tatters of armour. There are relatively homogenous tribes of amphibious swamp goblins who resemble frogs and toads. There are forest goblins decked out in colorful feathers, furs, bones, and body paint, often with animal like features. Other groups present a motley collection of individuals with little in common.

Individual goblins may take up a life of adventure joining parties of Delvers. In some cities goblins can be found working in trade or as part of eh underworld.

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