Friday, April 5, 2013

So That's what that is!

Here are seven new creatures for T&T. Most expanded from a mention in the T&T rulebook, usually appearing only as an MR rating on the monster list. I have let the names and MRs inspire me as to what these creatures might be like. In no way should these be considered the definitive versions of these beasties. They are presented as examples and inspiration.

Lightning Bug
MR: 8
Combat Dice: 1+4
Special Damage: 1/1 individuals do normal spite damage. Take That You Fiend!
Special Abilities: Fly Me, Will-o-Wisp

Small bugs that seem to be made of sparkling, flashing light. Each provides light equal to a candle flame, They flit around in small swarms producing an effect similar to a Will-o-Wisp spell. Touching one will give a small but harmless electric shock. If a swarm is provoked the bugs will collectively produce a lightning strike taking effect as a TTYF! Cast with a WIZ of 1/ 10 the swarm's total MR.

MR: 60
Combat Dice: 7D6+30
Special Damage: 1/1
Special Abilities: Imafrawg, Yerafrawg

Boojums are thought to be larger and more powerful cousins of Snarks.
They are also natural shape shifters, but can change the shapes of others as well. They will use this ability to change large, dangerous prey into something small and inoffensive before eating it.

MR: 300
Combat Dice: 31D6+150
Special Damage: 1/2 flaming weapons do extra damage, 6/Glue You opponent becomes entangled
Special Abilities: Fly Me, immune to fire and flame

Balruukhs are large demons of smoke, flame and shadow. They appear as shadowy humanoid figures with great bat-wings and streaming manes of fire. They often wield a weapon in each hand. One is usually an offensive weapon like a sword, mace or axe, the other an entangling weapon like a whip, chain, or net.

Nasty customers indeed, some Balruukhs are also accomplished wizards.

MR: 343
Combat Dice: 35D6+180
Special Damage: 6/Swallow Whole
Special Abilities: None

The gurkk is basically a huge jaw and stomach on legs. They slowly drag themselves about and when they find a place that is likely to yield passing prey they open their cavernous jaws wide and hunker down to wait. When the unfortunate prey steps into the mouth of the creature the jaws snap shut and the prey is often swallowed both whole and alive.

The jaws of a gurkk open a full 180 degrees and the monster will sink down as low to the ground as possible, burrowing into soft soil, leaves, mud, or lurking on the bottom of ponds and rivers.

Any unfortunate that has been swallowed alive by a Gurkk may continue to fight from inside the creature. Add the swallowed creatures hits to the HPT scored against the gurkk. Damage taken may be considered to be the result of digestive juices slowly consuming the unfortunate.

MR: 39
Combat Dice: 4D6+19
Special Damage: 1/1
Special Abilities: Imafrawg

The true appearance of the Snark remains something of a mystery, indeed many sages and scholars doubt its very existence. This is due to the Snark's innate shape shifting abilities. It is able to take on the shape of any creature. In their natural shape they are small humanoids, about the size of a Hobb or Leprechaun, with horns and a tail. They are mischievous tricksters and love to use their shape shifting to help pull off pranks and to escape from the consequences after.

All Snarks know and can cast the Imafrawg spell.
They may be of any character type. Kindred ability modifiers are as follows.

STR: x0.5 CON: x0.75 DEX: x1 INT: x1.5 LK: x2 CHR: x1 WIZ: x1.5 HT: x0.5 WT: x0.5

MR: 13
Combat Dice: 2D6+7
Special Damage: 1/1
Special Abilities: None
The slimy and disgusting Gakk is a sort of cross between a banana slug and a leech, with a mouth full of raspy teeth. It grows to about the size of a man's leg, although specimens as large as a man is tall and even bigger have been rumored. They live in swamps, sewers and other damp slimy places.

MR: 1
Combat Dice: 0D6+1
Special Damage: Explosive Burst
Special Abilities: Fly Me
These creatures are life sized and very life-like balloon animals. They are dangerous only if popped. They will burst immediately if they take any hits from a cutting, slashing or piercing weapon. When this happens they explode doing damage as a monster with an MR equal to the HPT the balloonimal received. Thus, the harder you hit them, the bigger the pop!

Although they look exactly like a normal creature balloonimals are silent and move by drifting along slightly above the ground not walking on it. A careful observer can spot the difference easily with a Level One SR.

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  1. For the TTYF! Of a Lightning Bug swarm a rough base of 1 INT per bug in the swarm is probably not a bad place to start.