Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gakks Reflux Redux

In his novel "Rose of Stormgaard", certain to be a major motion picture if I ever get locked alone in a small room with, Peter Jackson, and which I compared favorably with JRR Tolkien's magnum opus "The Lord of the Rings", saying that Rose is "shorter and has considerably less poetry, as well as more sex and better fight scenes", the ever creative TrollGod gave us a look at his version of the Gakk.

According to Ken St Andre, the Gakk, specifically the giant purple Gakk, "looks something like a sixteen-legged spider crossed with a lizard and a centaur" there is more to it than just that, but read the book to find out what.

This just goes to show that a simple name and MR can create two very different creatures.

Rose of Stormgaard also gives us some insight into a few other creatures of Trollworld . Living Skelletons are confirmed as a race of men with transparent flesh, and thus are turned to stone if they look at a Gorgon's head. Dwarves and Rock Trolls, being creatures of stone, and Living Statues being creatures of metal are immune to the stoning effect of Gorgons. Also there are the black skinned "Death Dwarves" who are different to Gristlegrimm Dwarves, having more wizards for one thing and speaking a different language for another.

We also get a nice dT&T character sheet in the back of the book and notes on how to run the story setting as a GM adventure.

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