Saturday, July 18, 2015

Some first reactions to DT&T

At last it is here! The DT&T pdf has been sent to Kickstarter backers. It is huge, over three hundred pages. Much larger than I had anticipated. The rules are mostly the same familiar T&T rules that have been with us for decades now. There have been a few changes and updates and lots of expanded options. The three main character types are now even more distinct to each other. Each has strong specialties and unique abilities. Rogues perhaps get the biggest changes becoming more than just the sort-of warrior, sort-of wizards they used to be. Rogues now are the skill specialists. They have the option to gain bonus Talents in Roguish abilities as they advance in experience. In true T&T style there is not a definitive list of "Roguish" Talents, but there is a note that combat tricks are not particularly Rougish, while trickery and stealth might be. The available Kindred get expanded notes on culture and in the elaborations section are thoughts on playing Kindred as their own Types. The monstrous kindred or "Ilkin" are notforgotten either. Also noteworthy is an in depth coverage of Trollworld. This includes colour maps of the continents, including a fun "who live where?" map and a map of the locations of FBI's solo adventures. A number of Kickstarter backers have left their mark in this section.Several pledge leves offered the opportunity to add a location to the map. H'rrrothgarrr's Hovel now has a brief write up in the rulebook by yours truly. There have been substantial changes to the weapon and armour lists. Gone are the pages of weapons with slight variations in damage. Instead weapons are grouped into broad classes of similar weapons and optional rules are given for personalizing individual weapons. Thus a particular style of sword could be given +2 adds for a heavy blade while another is given +3 for keen edges and sophisticated metalurgy. There are two major lacks in the rulebook in my opinion. One is the lack of a comprehensive bestiary. There is not even the table of Monster Ratings by level for common monsters that used to offer a guideline. Hopefully an expanded bestiary will be offered in future. It is a simple thing to assign MRs, but examples are always nice. Related to this is the dropping of Spite Damage as a trigger for monsters' special abilities and attacks. This was a rule that originated with Fiery Dragon and the 7e rules. I liked this rule and will quite likely house rule it back into my games. I should also mention the art. It is fantastic! Many old favourites are here, as well as new pieces and the colour section. So over all DT&T is a solid effort, although some bits I would have done differently. Look for more detailed notes to come.

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